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    Trigger Finger Injection

    What is a trigger finger joint injection?

    A trigger finger is a painful condition that causes your fingers to feel stiff or lock and catch when you try to bend and straighten your finger. Sometimes, this condition gets better without treatment, but if the pain still persists after taking pain medications, a trigger finger injection may be advised by your doctor. Corticosteroid is injected into the tendon sheath to reduce pain and swelling. The injection works by reducing inflammation which improves the mobility of the tendon. 

    How is a trigger finger joint injection performed?

    This procedure only takes a few minutes. The doctor uses an ultrasound to guide the needle to the injection site. Once the area is located, liquid corticosteroids are injected into the tendon sheath, at the bottom of the affected finger.

    What to expect after a trigger finger injection?

    Once the medication is in full effect, you will be able to move the tendon freely again. This usually takes a few weeks after the injection. A trigger finger injection is usually effective for a year, but it might take more than one injection to get results.  

    Is trigger finger injection right for you?

    A trigger finger injection may give you the relief you need to be able to move your finger freely again. The procedure only takes a few minutes and can provide relief for a year. However, if your trigger finger is caused by diabetes, a trigger finger injection may not be as effective. To learn more about trigger finger injection in Torrance, call Torrance Pain Institute at (310) 954-1513 or schedule a consultation with our pain management doctor.