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    TMJ Injection

    The temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) connects your jaw to your bones on the sides and base of your skull. For those experiencing chronic jaw pain, actions as simple as talking, chewing, and yawning may prove to be unbearable. Apart from injury and damage, the cause of this disorder is unknown. There is, however, a way to treat it.

    What is TMJ injection?

    TMJ injection is a procedure that involves injecting corticosteroid (steroid hormones) into the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation. 

    This can help those who suffer from TMJ conditions to alleviate symptoms like pain, jaw clicking and popping, headaches, stiff or sore jaw muscles, locking of the jaw, pain in the ears, hearing popping sounds, and pain in the temple area.

    How is TMJ injection performed?

    TMJ injection requires that you be put under local anesthetic, while you’re sitting upright or lying on your chest. Ultrasound technology will guide your doctor to make sure the needle is placed properly. Once the needle is properly placed, the steroid medication will then be slowly administered. 

    The entire process usually lasts for only 30 minutes. 

    What to expect after the procedure

    You’ll immediately feel pain relief once you get the injection. However, its full effects will only be felt a few days later, so don’t be alarmed if you feel pain again after the anesthetic wears off. It’s always best to have someone with you to drive you home, although a lot of patients were able to do this on their own.

    Is TMJ Injection right for you?

    You may be a good candidate for this procedure if you’re suffering from TMJ arthropathy or jaw pain. Our expert pain management doctor at Torrance Pain Institute will gladly help you out. Contact us and set an appointment for your TMJ injection in Torrance.