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    Tibial Nerve Block

    The posterior tibial nerve runs through the back of the tibia all the way to the ankle. It passes through the tarsal tunnel, a narrow space created by a thick ligament from the tibia to the ankle. Inflammation in this tunnel or the surrounding structures can cause pain that is felt throughout the leg.

    What is a tibial nerve block?

    A tibial nerve block targets the posterior tibial nerve. By applying a local anesthetic to this nerve, there would be a noted numbness to the ankle and other parts of the foot that is supplied by the posterior tibial nerve.

    How is a tibial nerve block performed?

    The procedure is done with the patient either sitting on a chair or lying down with their back on a table to better visualize the landmarks for the injection site. Once the site is identified, an aseptic technique is done to sanitize the site. Then, using a syringe, a dose of anesthetic is administered to the area. The doctor would carefully dispense the medication, making sure that it is not being given through a blood vessel to decrease any risks of complications. 

    What should you expect after the procedure?

    There should be a pronounced decrease in the pain immediately after the procedure is done. There may be a noticeable redness and warmth in the area, but this is normal and is only an effect of the local anesthetic.

    Is a tibial nerve block right for you?

    If you have a recent or chronic onset of ankle pain, especially if it is accompanied by pain in the heel, arch, toes, and calf, then there is a high probability that you have tarsal tunnel syndrome. 

    Tarsal tunnel syndrome is brought about by the compression of the posterior tibial nerve. This produces pain anywhere along the nerve runs from the ankle into the foot. In this case, a tibial nerve block in Torrance may be for you. At Torrance Pain Institute, our pain management doctor is well-equipped to provide the best care for you.