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    Rotator Cuff Injection

    Certain sports and aging can cause the rotator cuff to gradually tear. Rest and medication are some of the therapies that relieve the discomfort of this condition. But if the pain persists, doctors may suggest getting injections.  

    What is a rotator cuff injection?

    A rotator cuff injection is a treatment that tends to injuries or alleviates pain in these muscles and tendons. There are two types of treatment. A steroid injection is used for pain management, while platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection is performed to improve the health of the affected tendons.

    How is rotator cuff injection performed?

    For steroid injections, cortisone is administered into the shoulder which is done not more than two to three times a year. The PRP injection, on the other hand, requires a certain amount of blood sample. The sample is placed in a centrifuge, then separated into layers. The PRP layer is then administered into the affected tendon.

    What to expect after the procedure?

    Steroid injections are used to manage discomfort and inflammation, so patients are expected to feel relieved after the shot. But it’s important to remember that this specific treatment doesn’t heal the injured tendon but simply controls the pain. For PRP injections, these shots help regenerate the damaged area which, in turn, improves the health of the tendon. 

    Is rotator cuff injection right for you?

    A rotator cuff injury usually involves therapy and medications before patients are given injections. Steroid injections are typically advised by your doctor if the pain persists. PRP shots are continuously being researched by experts regarding its effects on healing, which is why it is prescribed only with a seasoned doctor’s discretion.

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