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    Pudendal Nerve Blocks

    What is a pudendal nerve block?

    A pudendal nerve block is a non-surgical and minimally-invasive treatment for chronic pelvic and perineal pain. It works by reducing pain signals originating from the nerves in the pelvis and perineal region. This treatment can also be used to evaluate your pain. 

    The pudendal nerve is located in the pelvis. It is prone to damage by stretching or compression. Injury to the pelvic area, traumatic vaginal birth, chronic straining from bowel movement (constipation), and repeated pressure on the nerves from activities such as cycling are some of the conditions that can cause pain to the area. In some cases, diabetes and multiple sclerosis can also cause damage to the pudendal nerve. 

    How is a pudendal nerve block performed?

    You will be asked to lie on your back and you will be hooked on to an EKG monitor. The skin on your lower back and buttocks will be thoroughly cleansed with an antiseptic soap and a sterile drape will be placed. Ultrasound gel will be applied and your doctor will use a special X-ray called a fluoroscope to look for pudendal nerves. Local anesthetic and steroids will be injected into the skin in close proximity to the pudendal nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain. Steroid is applied as an anti-inflammatory in case the pudendal nerve is inflamed or irritated. Once the medication is injected, a dressing will be placed on the injection site.

    What to expect after the procedure

    You will be asked to wait in the recovery area for 20-30 minutes following your procedure. You may be instructed to record your pain to help your doctor to determine the effectiveness of the nerve block. Many patients feel immediate relief from the procedure, however it is normal to experience some soreness at the procedure site. The soreness should subside over the next couple of days. 

    Is pudendal nerve block right for you?

    A pudendal nerve block may be the right treatment for you if you experience pain in the groin and pelvic region, [perineal pain and pudendal entrapment neuropathy].

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