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    Lumbar Epidural Injection

    What is a lumbar epidural injection?

    An epidural steroid injection is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to reduce neck, arm, and leg pain caused by inflamed spinal nerves. The goal of this procedure is to provide pain relief by reducing inflammation of the nerve roots. A patient may be required to have more than one lumbar epidural injection to relieve the pain. 

    How is a lumbar epidural injection performed?

    You will lie on an x-ray table. The area to be treated is cleaned with an antiseptic and numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort during the procedure. You may feel a stinging or burning sensation during this time. Then, your doctor will use an x-ray to guide the needle to the epidural space. Once the needle is properly placed, the medication will be injected. The treated area will be washed and covered with a bandage. 

    What to expect after the procedure

    It’s normal to experience temporary relief for several hours after the procedure. Your pain may return after the numbing medication wears off. You may also feel some local tenderness for a couple of days. It usually takes 2-3 days for the steroid medication to work. 

    Is a lumbar epidural injection right for you?

    A lumbar epidural injection may be the right treatment for you if you experience lower back pain originating from a nerve root,  radiculopathy (pinched nerve), and back pain shooting down the legs. The procedure cannot be performed if you have very high blood pressure, flu, fever, cold or is currently taking blood-thinning medication. 

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