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    Knee Intra-articular Injection

    Knee osteoarthritis is a condition that is brought about by the wear and tear of the joint. The healthy knee has a slippery tissue that lines the tip of the bones called cartilage that provides a smooth surface for the movement of the joint and cushion between the bones. It also has a soft structure called synovium that produces fluid, which is the lubricant of the joint. When these structures wear down, bone damage occurs.

    What is a knee intra-articular injection?

    There are a lot of treatments that are beneficial for osteoarthritis. A knee intra-articular injection is one of these. Two types of medication can be used to treat knee osteoarthritis, and they are corticosteroid injections and hyaluronic acid injections.

    Corticosteroid is a substance that reduces the inflammation of the tissue, which causes a decrease in swelling, stiffness, and pain. It has a short duration effect and is unable to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis. At the moment, there are five different types of steroid medicines used to treat osteoarthritis with equal efficacy.

    How is a knee intra-articular injection performed?

    Once your doctor has assessed you, and the appropriate medication has been chosen, the procedure itself would only take a few minutes. When you are in the treatment room, you would be sitting down for the physician to identify the proper injection site. Then, a solution of a local anesthetic mixed with corticosteroid would be administered to the area using ultrasound guidance. 

    What should you expect after the procedure?

    Once the procedure is completed, strenuous activities must be avoided in the next 24 hours. The steroid is expected to take effect in a few days. Once the effect wears off, it is recommended that injections are taken once every three to four months.

    Is a knee intra-articular injection right for you?

    If you are experiencing pain from knee osteoarthritis that does not respond to over-the-counter medication, then a knee intra-articular injection in Torrance may be a good option for you. Our pain management expert at Torrance Pain Institute is committed to providing the best care for you.