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    Glenohumeral Joint Injection

    It’s difficult getting anything done with your arms when your shoulders are in pain. If a couple of days’ rest isn’t enough, it might be time for a glenohumeral joint injection.

    What is a glenohumeral joint injection?

    A glenohumeral joint injection is a procedure to heal or diagnose your shoulder, generally with a corticosteroid and an anesthetic injected into your glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint). 

    How is a glenohumeral joint injection performed?

    Glenohumeral joint injections can be performed in a number of different ways, depending on the condition to be treated. Whatever the treatment, it always starts with cleaning the affected shoulder with an antiseptic.

    For more common conditions like shoulder arthritis and frozen shoulder, the procedure can be done via the anterior or posterior approach.

    The anterior approach has the patient lying on their back with their palms up. The doctor inserts a needle into the shoulder joint through the front of the shoulder. The posterior approach has the patient lying on their stomach, while the needle is inserted into the joint through the back of the shoulder.

    For other conditions, the needle is inserted at the top of the shoulder with the patient sitting. This can be done with or without imaging guidance like an ultrasound or a CT scan. 

    What to expect after the procedure

    There may be pain or swelling for a day or two after the procedure. Use ice, not heating pads, for relief. The pain should go away on its own. Avoid heavy lifting and soaking the shoulder in a bathtub. Effective shots reduce pain for several months.

    Is glenohumeral joint injection right for you?

    When rest and home remedies don’t make your shoulder joint pain feel better, you can get a glenohumeral joint injection in Torrance. Schedule an appointment with our expert pain management doctor here at Torrance Pain Institute.