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    Botox Injection for Migraine

    A Botox injection is not just for smoothening wrinkly skin. In 2010, Botox (or onabotulinumtoxinA) was medically approved for treating people with chronic headaches.

    What is Botox Injection for Migraine?

    A Botox injection specifically for migraines blocks the chemicals responsible for transmitting pain signals to and from the brain. This procedure dulls migraines, and when done enough times, can also prevent migraines.

    Who is a Candidate for Botox Injection for Migraine?

    The FDA only approves of Botox injections for migraine treatment for adults. That means the patient has to be 18 or older. Doctors can prescribe it to teenagers and children, but it’s unlikely that insurance companies will pay for the treatment.

    Patients who can be treated with Botox injections for migraines must already have a history of chronic headaches—about 15 headaches or more a month, which can also include tension-related headaches.

    Fewer than 14 headaches a month are not enough to be considered for this treatment. Any other headaches like cluster headaches cannot be treated by Botox injections.

    How is Botox Injection for Migraine Performed?

    Small concentrated amounts of Botox are injected in seven key areas around the head and neck with a tiny needle. There are about 30 to 40 injections spread equally on both sides of the head and neck in one session. The first procedure takes 20 minutes. 

    The treatment is effective for 10 to 12 weeks, and the effects can be felt in 2 to 3 weeks. For best results, six months of getting two procedures are recommended. 

    Is Botox injection right for you?

    A Botox injection may be right for you if you have been dealing with multiple migraines for a long time. Set an appointment for a Botox injection for migraine in Torrance with our expert pain management doctor at Torrance Pain Institute.