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    Biceps Tendon Injection

    What is a biceps tendon injection?

    A biceps tendon injection is performed to treat pain and inflammation of the bicep tendon. Steroid medication is used to treat patients suffering from shoulder pain and immobility. Injecting this medication to the bicep tendon can help relieve pain.

    Biceps tendinitis is the inflammation of the upper biceps. It can be caused by damage to the biceps tendons due to age or degeneration from playing sports that require repetitive overhead motion such as swimming, tennis, and baseball.

    How is biceps tendon injection performed?

    First, you will be asked to change into a gown and sit on the exam table. Using ultrasound, your doctor will look inside your shoulder to find the cause of inflammation. It will also help your doctor determine the best place to put the injection. Your doctor will clean and numb to the area using a local anesthetic. Once the treatment area is numbed, a steroid medication will be injected. Then, a small bandage will be placed on the injection site.

    What to expect after the procedure?  

    You may be instructed to limit strenuous activity 24 hours after the procedure. You may also feel mild soreness and bruising which should subside after a few days. 

    Is a biceps tendon injection right for you?

    A biceps tendon injection may be the right treatment for you if you suffer from biceps tendinosis even after undergoing other types of treatments such as physical therapy. To learn more about this procedure, call our office at 310-954-1513 to schedule a consultation with our pain management doctor. We offer biceps tendon injection for patients in Torrance, El Segundo, and surrounding areas who are looking for pain relief from biceps tendinosis.