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    Baker’s Cyst Aspiration

    Baker’s Cyst, or popliteal cyst, refers to swelling in the popliteal space, which is located behind the knee. Its common symptoms are stiffness and knee pain, with symptoms worsening whenever the knee is fully flexed or extended. There are numerous treatments for this condition, but recurrence is not uncommon.

    What is a baker’s cyst aspiration?

    Baker’s cysts often resolve on their own, but doctors typically manage large ones and those that cause pain. Pain medications like corticosteroids may be administered to reduce the swelling, or the cyst can be drained. Baker’s cyst aspiration is the removal of the fluid that has accumulated from the knee joint. 

    How is baker’s cyst aspiration performed?

    Baker’s cyst aspiration is performed with the patient lying down on their stomach. The physician is guided by ultrasound and inserts a small needle to the back of the knee. The needle would then drain the fluid that has collected behind the knee through gentle aspiration.

    What should you expect after the procedure?

    You may experience some discomfort in the affected area, and you may notice some bruising after the procedure. Strenuous activities would be limited for the next 24 hours, after which you could return to your regular activities provided that there is no discomfort.

    Is baker’s cyst aspiration right for you?

    Baker’s cysts are usually benign, but there are times that the pain could be so unbearable it is limiting your mobility. If your Baker’s cyst seems to be resistant to conventional treatments, then baker’s cyst aspiration in Torrance may be the right treatment for you.