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    Ankle Joint Injection

    The ankle is a highly mobile joint that is comprised of three bones, namely: tibia, fibula, talus. Inflammation in this area is caused by a variety of things such as sprains, infections, fractures, and autoimmune diseases. 

    What is an ankle joint injection?

    An ankle joint injection is a therapeutic procedure that aims to provide symptomatic relief from joint pain. The effect is usually temporary, but there are instances when it is long-term.

    There are four types of ankle joint injections that are being used currently. These are hyaluronic acid, steroid, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cell injections. Each type has its purpose, risks, and benefits. Your pain management expert at Torrance Pain Institute can provide more information about these medications.

    How is an ankle joint injection performed?

    After a thorough assessment from your doctor, the appropriate type of ankle joint injection would be recommended for your treatment. There are times when there is an accumulation of fluid in the joint, so your doctor may do a joint aspiration before injecting the medication. 

    The duration of the procedure itself usually lasts for just a few minutes. A needle would be injected to your ankle and depending on where the injection site is, you would either be sitting or lying down on a table. A topical or local anesthetic will be given to ensure that the procedure would be as painless as possible.

    What should you expect after the procedure? 

    You would feel relief from the pain within a few hours of the procedure and would be able to resume your normal activities. Just follow the instructions of your doctor, and you should be on the mend in no time. 

    Is an ankle joint injection right for you?

    Given the nature of this joint, it is essential to find out the exact cause of any ankle pain, especially if it has persisted for a long time. If you have any inquiries about ankle joint injection in Torrance, or any other kind of treatment, don’t hesitate to visit us at Torrance Pain Institute.