Shoulder Joint Pain

Find out more about shoulder joint pain and how Torrance Pain Institute can help you manage your pain, improve your quality of life, and get back to doing the things you enjoy.

Discomfort or pain in the shoulder joint affects almost 50 million Americans. Many of the sufferers may have injuries in different areas of the shoulder joint or may be suffering from arthritis. 

Here is everything you need to know about shoulder joint pain.

What is shoulder joint pain?

This condition refers to the inflammation of one or more shoulder joints, which causes pain, stiffness, soreness, and limited movement. There is no known permanent cure for shoulder arthritis, so it’s essential to correctly determine the cause of shoulder joint pain to rule out all possibilities and make an accurate diagnosis. 

What causes shoulder joint pain?

Causes of shoulder joint pain can come in a range of factors and symptoms. It could be caused by shoulder arthritis, which occurs when the cartilage in the ball or socket of the joint is worn away. Osteoarthritis of the shoulder is degenerative, takes time, and manifests with age. Post-traumatic shoulder arthritis is triggered following a severe traumatic accident in the area. Rotator cuff arthropathy is another condition that develops after a massive, prolonged tear in the rotator cuff tendon.

What are the symptoms of shoulder joint pain?

Symptoms of shoulder joint pain vary from person to person. The symptoms also vary depending upon the condition and the activity performed. Pain in the shoulder joint is a significant sign of arthritis. Sometimes, the pain only happens when the affected arm is in use, while for others, the pain is more or less constant. Stiffness of the joint is another critical symptom and can happen as arthritis progressively worsens. Make sure to be aware of any grinding, clicking, or even cracking in the joint, which indicates loss of cartilage. 

What is the treatment for shoulder joint pain?

A glenohumeral joint injection is one of the most immediate treatments for shoulder joint pain. It provides relief and ease of movement in the affected area. It’s also the first in a series of treatments that can give more comfort and alleviate more symptoms of shoulder joint pain. 

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