Biceps Tendinitis

Find out more about biceps tendinitis and how Torrance Pain Institute can help you manage your pain, improve your quality of life, and get back to doing the things you enjoy.

Biceps tendinitis can be very painful and can significantly affect your quality of life. Here is everything you need to know about it. 

What is biceps tendinitis?

Biceps tendinitis is the inflammation of the upper biceps tendon. It can also indicate irritation in the area. The tendons of the biceps are a sturdy, cord-like structure sometimes called the long head of the biceps tendon. It binds the muscle of the biceps to the shoulder bones. Pain and weakness in the shoulder or surrounding areas are common symptoms of biceps tendinitis. 

There may be underlying causes of the pain. Most often, this condition is treated with the correct assessment and medication. In certain severe situations, it may require surgery.

What causes biceps tendinitis?

The condition is also rarely isolated. There could be numerous underlying causes of pain. Overuse of the joint or the arm can cause the tendon impingement. Shoulder joint instability and trauma are also common causes. 

If there is tendinitis in the joint, then it’s also likely that the rotator cuff will also need a second look. For many athletes, this condition in the joint can signal other issues as they overuse this area of the body more often than regular individuals.

How is biceps tendinitis diagnosed? 

Several diagnostic procedures can be used to diagnose biceps tendinitis and determine if it also has accompanying underlying conditions. These include:

  • Physical examination: After discussing your symptoms with your physician, they might perform a physical exam to determine the extent of the injury. They will check the functions of the biceps as well as their strength.
  • Imaging tests: The tests can include x-rays that visualize bones as well as an MRI to see the tendons in better detail.

What is the treatment for biceps tendinitis?

There are many nonsurgical options for biceps tendinitis. Apart from rest and icing the injury, one of the most effective means of treating this form of tendinitis is through biceps tendon injection. Make sure to discuss your options with experts and visit Torrance Pain Institute to learn more about this treatment.